Crisis Communications

Individuals and organizations are vulnerable to crises requiring a public relations professional with crisis communications experience. We strongly advise not trying to manage a crisis on your own. Seek professional guidance.

Crises come in various forms, and regardless of their form, there are few events that are as scary, overwhelming, and potentially as devastating as a crisis requiring you to communicate publicly about it.

PR Crisis

For individuals who are dealing with a cancel-culture or reputational attack, there is nothing as isolating and overwhelming as facing others alone with no experience in how best to make your case and save your reputation.

Companies and nonprofit organizations also face public backlash in the form of cancel culture attacks. However, they are also exposed to a variety of other potential crisis management risks.

Every crisis presents a unique set of challenges that must be addressed with velocity. That is, with speed and direction. You need to know where you are going and how to get there fast.

If you are in crisis and have a plan, now is the time to rely on it! Sometimes, pre-crisis plans will be sufficient to get you through the worst of the crisis, but often, they will only get you so far. That’s when you should call a public relations professional with crisis communications experience.

Planning for PR Crisis

If you have no plan, call that PR professional immediately. In a crisis, every second matters, and every decision you make can either amplify or calm your crisis.

A crisis communications expert will not only help you craft an effective strategy but will also serve as your confidant and partner through this difficult time. Crisis communications professionals will often help with the following:

  • Convene decision-making team immediately.
  • Determine all facts: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY.
  • Identify your key audiences.
  • Draft core messaging and key talking points.
  • Determine optimal ways to disseminate messaging.
  • Draft and disseminate holding and response statements.
  • Compile a press list of key outlets and reporters.
  • Manage all incoming media requests.
  • Facilitate outgoing media opportunities.
  • Monitor social media trends.
  • Prepare spokespeople.
  • Function as your in-house comms team.

Orwell Grey Strategic Communications possesses decades of combined crisis communications and public relations experience, and we have been involved in myriad types of crises. We are well-equipped to help guide you or your organization through any crisis requiring strategic communications.

If you would like to learn more and how we can help, please contact us.

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