Public Relations

Public Relations refers to the art and science of building, fortifying, and maintaining your organization’s goodwill and reputation.

While the goal of marketing is to increase sales, the goal of PR is to positively elevate your organization’s public profile through thought leadership, media relations, and content creation.

A PR strategy helps you take advantage of various PR modalities and disseminate your messages to your key audiences. Your organization will benefit immensely from the relationships you are building with your key stakeholders.

  • What is your PR strategy for achieving your organization’s business goals
  • What is your strategy for amplifying your company’s thought leadership
  • What is your organization’s strategy for capitalizing on media relations?
  • What is your organization’s strategy for creating and disseminating original


To help you answer these questions, you should work with a strategic communications firm with experience and expertise in crafting effective public relations campaigns. We refer to this process as “collecting snowflakes,” and Orwell Grey has a strategic process for creating individual wins (snowflakes) and turning those wins into snowballs.

One snowflake does not a snowball make! Success requires a repeatable process that creates consistent wins for you and your organization.

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