Nonprofit Messaging

Mission and purpose driven nonprofits are fundamentally a matter of ‘why.’ Any strategic communications strategy you employ must not only help you answer the questions below, all of which are based on ‘why,’ but it must help you convey your responses in meaningful ways to all of your audiences.

In other words, your message must be why-based to reach your key audiences who are emotion-based.

  • Why does your organization exist?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Why should your employees care?
  • Why should your donors care?
  • Why should your beneficiaries care?


Almost universally, nonprofits are by their very nature, emotionally driven enterprises. A nonprofit is in the business of improving others’ lives, making a difference in a community, or battling on behalf of the less fortunate.

So, why ignore this well of potential emotion when crafting your messaging?

Strategic Communication with Nonprofit Messaging

Effective strategic communication is about getting your key audiences to take action that helps your organization achieve its goals. For nonprofits, this usually means hitting your fund-raising goals.

To effectively fund-raise you must calibrate your why with your donors’ why. The better you can sync these two, the higher the likelihood you will meet your fundraising goals.

Remember, people buy with their hearts and rationalize with their heads, and selling is a transfer of emotion. As a nonprofit, you must keep these truisms at the forefront of your messaging at all times.

By working with Orwell Grey team members, you can expect to:

  • Elevate your industry and media profiles
  • Deliver your services more impactfully
  • Calibrate your organization’s why with your donors’ why
  • Increase donations to your organization
  • Improve donor commitment to your organization


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