Sales and Fundraising Messaging

Your organization’s core messaging is the essential thread that ties together all elements of your communication strategy, and this includes sales and fundraising messaging.

Perspective finding is the key to effective sales and fundraising messaging. That is, why do your customers or donors choose to work with your organization, and why would others like them choose to work with your organization?

To help find the answers, ask your team the following questions:

  • Why does your organization exist?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Why should your employees care?
  • Why should your shareholders/donors care?
  • Why should your clients/beneficiaries care?

Strategic Communication in Sales & Fundraising

Effective strategic communication moves your key audiences to take action that helps your organization achieve its goals. When it comes to sales and fundraising messaging, the singular goal is to persuade your prospects, clients, and/or donors to increase their commitment to your organization.

To effectively fund-raise or sell your product you must calibrate your organization’s why with your customers’/donors’ why. The better you can sync these two, the higher the likelihood you will meet your sales or fundraising goals.

Remember, people buy with their hearts and rationalize with their heads, and selling is a transfer of emotion. Tap into why your customers buy from you, and you will steal their hearts.

By working with your team at Orwell Grey, you can expect your organization to:

  • Elevate your organization’s industry and media profile
  • Deliver your services more impactfully
  • Calibrate your organization’s why with your donors’ why
  • Increase donations to your organization
  • Improve donor commitment to your organization
  • Improve customer loyalty to your organization


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