Help! I’m Being Canceled

Cancel Culture events are modern-day witch hunts, and no one is spared from a mob’s vicious intent once they set their focus on their victim. While many think only the rich and powerful can be victims of cancel culture or reputational attacks, the scary reality is that any one of us can be a victim.

The list of victims spans politics and professions. A conservative is just as likely to get canceled as a liberal. Coaches, doctors, educators, gamers, lawyers, restaurant owners, and on and on, have had their lives turned upside down by a vengeance-seeking mob.

During a cancel culture event, the mob is not seeking an apology; they are seeking vengeance.

Too often, the first reaction by a cancel culture victim is to apologize. We have written about apologies in a previous blog, Why It’s Hard to Say Sorry and Mean It. The erroneous belief makes sense, however: if you apologize to those who believe you have harmed them, they will accept it and move on.

Wrong! To the mob, an apology is “blood in the water.”

How to Handle Being Canceled

Here are some important actions to consider if confronted with a cancel culture event or reputational attack.
1) Do not apologize.
2) Contact a professional who can protect your reputation (attorney and/or communications expert).
3) Recruit third-party advocates who are willing to speak on your behalf.
4) Tell your story honestly and with conviction.
5) Utilize your social media to monitor activity and disseminate your message.

Taking control of the situation as quickly as possible is the key to successfully surviving a cancel culture event or an attack on your reputation. Sticking your head in the sand hoping everything will be ok is a losing strategy.

If you or someone you know is facing a cancel culture event or reputational attack and would like to speak to someone at Orwell Grey, please contact us to discuss.

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